Monday, 31 January 2011

Publicity photo shoot

The cast are looking at Mike (who is taking the official publicity shots), not me (up in the gallery)... but aren't they lovely?

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Book your tickets soon!

Are you coming to see the show?

There have been some great challenges (acting, singing and dancing all at one time, for a start)! Sourcing the keyboard (as the Sewell Barn doesn't often perform musical shows, there isn't one in-house) and we're delighted to have been helped by the generous support our lovely friends at Cookes Pianos in Norwich; and making adjustments to the proposed set because one of the cast, at 6'5", can't stand up straight in a key area of the stage...

... but it's going to be fabulous! My lovely and talented gang of seven, plus Selwyn at the piano and the indispensable Tinks (Mike) Carson as stage manager, are making this a joyful production to work on.

Come and see us at The Sewell Barn Theatre, Constitution Hill, Norwich, on 17-19 February & 23-26 February 2011 (matinee 26 February).

The show is full of fun. There are a couple of 'straight' songs - beautiful settings of the Bard's words - but for the most part, this is variety at its best: superb parodies, comic observations, songs and sketches, and the musical and writing skills of some of the best in the business (Victoria Wood, Stephen Fry, Fascinating Aida, Perry Pontac, Cole Porter and the Cambridge Footlights team - to name but a few). No previous knowledge of Shakespeare is required to enjoy a fantastic evening!

So please check out the Sewell Barn's website for details of how to obtain your tickets, and we look forward to seeing you there.