Thursday, 23 September 2010

Auditions - the next stage...

We're delighted to have cast four fabulous ladies and one wonderful man for the show, and are delighted to welcome:
  • Abi Dennington-Price
  • Angela Rowe
  • Charlotte Couture
  • Gill Tichbourne
  • Trevor Burton
To join this stellar collection, we are still in need of a 'heavy man' - no, I don't mean your weight, but the character: baritone, actor-manager, bit of gravitas... you know the kind of thing. If I say that this is the person who will perform The Night I Appeared as Macbeth, and will also play the part of Sir in an extract from The Dresser, you'll get the idea.

The auditions would need to be at our home in Weston Longville - sorry about that, but the Clavinova that we borrowed for the auditions has been returned, and we have a piano here.

If you're interested, or know somebody who is, please telephone me as soon as you can on 07802 475110 to arrange an audition.